Our favorite Gamecraft group is inviting us to the 17th Anti-racist festival for a Playthonaki full of twists and stories. The "Travelers" will be a narrative workshop inviting participants to re-imagine myths with a diverse range of characters and create games. Where: 4th of July 2014 at 8.30 pm at the 17th Anti-racist festival Duration: 90 λεπτά Ages: 8+  

After an epic start in Crete and the Children's Festival of St. Nicholas ,our next stop for #playthonakia is the Afidnes in Attica, June 25th at the Hara Tou Paidiou Camp!
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200 campers will join forces in the beautiful Afidens and will create games inspired by mythology and nature. Chief Playthonians organizing this event are Ch Tsiatsianas, teacher, Olga Tsamis gymnast and Panagiota Strikos-Tomopoulou, animator and # playthonakia enthusiast!

After last years success and all of your requests to host a Plaython in your city, well we decided that for 2014 we are going to do just that :) Starting in a few days, June 15 till the 15th of September we are co-organizing a series of smaller events around islands and rural areas in Greece called Playthonakia. So far we have about 10 locations confirmed but we are inviting all of you - whether you have an idea for a game or just want to organize your own Playthonaki on the beach , to drop us a line at Till then check all the locations over here : and join the fun!