Playful stilt walkers and acrobats from the Rock Opera Dragon will present a spectacular show on Sunday afternoon in Thisio. The show is inspired by the European myths and traditions of the Akrites (heroes-border guards) and combines dance, live music, singing, acrobatics, stilts and circus techniques. Don't miss it!


Through blood, sweat and tears, you and your fellow soldiers have carved out a slice of territory in the Byzantine wilderness. Hold on to it, because others are amassing and your borders are breached...
As a soldier your job it is to protect the Empire from invasion however are you going to try to win alone or listen to your General and utilise your Spies? What strategy will win?


A lost Acritic song has been found in the Middle East telling a story of an intense battle fought to protect a mysterious pyrite cube crystal. A pyrite crystal said to have godlike powers. The Pyrite Battle is a playful historic game about the intense battle between The Knights of The Pyrite Cube and The Eastern Men of Nature. A battle that sparked the tension around a cube formed crystal with enormous wisdom, in present time, known as Mr. Cube. Are you ready to decide the fate of the pyrite cube crystal?


A gap in the space-time continuum allowed for two Medieval Reapers to evade the city of Athens. The dark figures give a promise of immortality and fame, while turning their followers into knights and wait patiently at the two rival graveyards to gather as many souls as they can. Are you ready to conquer the Holy Fail?


Inspired by tower defense video games Human Tower Defense is a game of action, strategy, and clever use of resources. The game will be a spectacular event for the Plaython with defensive towers and hordes of invaders, featuring custom built equipment and upgrades. It is a hilarious crowd game, sometimes chaotic, but always open for beautiful acts of heroism, cunning tactics and reckless bravery.


Homeland is a game of territory. The Knights must defend their borders, while the Settlers want to claim a little piece of the earth for themselves. The only safe way to do this is under cover of night, when the settlers can build towers and fence their new settlements in. Will they manage to claim the land without getting caught by the Knights? Who will claim this blessed plot as their own?


A physical game of collaboration and dexterity. Three Knights, One Castle, Lots of Fun!
Fast-paced 3D-guidance game, nurturing co-operation and trust. Played by teams of three players in open spaces. This game is an accessible game and encourages everyone from 5 to 99 years old to participate.


Can you build castles in the city? Put your team together, pick a role, build your fortress and wipe out your opponents. Make them run for their lives. In “Steal and Build”, defenders and thieves compete in building and protecting their colorful fort. Bur beware! Under the bricks there are hidden kleptomaniac knights, lustful princesses and mischievous dragons whose only wish is to make your life hard. Fear not: ignore city planning and build your fortresses in the center of Athens!


Discover in the walls of the city coded poems inspired by the Akritai, vigilanti and guardians of any sort of "borders".Through "codepoetry: a city raid", the participants are invited to experience poetry out of its usual setting, combining it with a game of discovery & technology, and explore it as a collective and interactive event.