Where’s the value in taking the shadows?
Can you design an everyday revolution?
How can we playfully change the world (slightly) for the better?

Game designer and play maker, William Drew (Venice as a Dolphin), will discuss the deliberately reclusive figure of Frankie Kuniklo and his influence on today's culture of emergent play.
Bernard De Koven, author of "Well-played Game" and father of New Games Movement, will be in Athens Plaython Talks, sharing his thoughts and experience with all Playthonians! In a live interview with Bernie, we will discuss the meaning of play community and how it can affect game design and our everyday life!

Have a question to share but you hesitate to ask? Send us now your question for Bernie, along with your name and we will make it happen! The American game designer and fun theorist holds many surprises and we can't wait!  
POLYPOLIS is a mindset-shifting role playing game that reverses the logic of 'monopoly' of 'one winner takes all'; It adapts it to the complex issues facing contemporary cities and experiments with different ways in which the common resources of the city can be held and mobilised in common by its inhabitants 
Play and games are reclaiming their place in culture, society and public space.
Under the umbrella of playful culture, Zuraida founder of Playful Arts Festival and co-founder & worldwide Executive Director of Global Game Jam will highlight the ways a variety of collectives, organizations and festivals around the world are tapping into playful experiences 
The situation in the Maldives changed drastically over recent years. A military coup (Feb 2012) caused unprecedented events on the streets of Malé, the capital of Maldives: including subsequent demonstrations, amazing acts of creativity, courage, and unbelievable acts of brutality. For this project Amani Naseem brought together members of the Malé community in Maldives with a mix of game designers and media artists from international design and play communities. 
A Play lecture by Jakob la Cour:
What is the super reality and how does it feel to enter it?
A talk about how the playful state of mind makes you reach full potential. How play enhance experience and how the brain is developed. Join the play lecture by Jakob la Cour to experience some of the super reality qualities!